Douglas Boughter, ASCAP Warming Sun Music Publishing
10565435E Medium Easy
Opening with a peaceful woodwind melody woven through multiple meters. The theme is greeted with suspensions in the middle voices and then moves to an upbeat allegro section. This is a wonderful study in... view detailsview details
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Additional Parts
Part Parts in SetPriceQty
Flute 1 $3.00
Oboe 1 $3.00
1st Clarinet 1 $3.00
2nd Clarinet 1 $3.00
Bass Clarinet 1 $3.00
Alto Sax 1 $3.00
Tenor Sax 1 $3.00
Baritone Sax 1 $3.00
Horn in F 1 $3.00
1st Trumpet 1 $3.00
2nd Trumpet 1 $3.00
Trombone 1 $3.00
Baritone (T.C.) 1 $3.00
Baritone (B.C.) 1 $3.00
Tuba 1 $3.00
Timpani 1 $3.00
Snare 1 $3.00
Percussion 1 $3.00
Bells 1 $3.00
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