Traditional / Brian McAuley Brian McAuley
10645719E Medium Easy
An arrangement for a good second year band that takes the players through a variety of elements in the style of Handel over a solid eighth note groove. This is an arrangement that will keep all sections of the... view detailsview details
Band Set & Score  $50.00Qty:
Additional Parts
Part Parts in SetPriceQty
Conductor Score 1 $7.00
Flute 8 $3.00
Oboe 2 $3.00
Bassoon 2 $3.00
Bass Clarinet 3 $3.00
Alto Saxophone 5 $3.00
Tenor Saxophone 3 $3.00
Trumpet in Bb 1 4 $3.00
Trumpet in Bb 2 4 $3.00
Horn in F 4 $3.00
Trombone 4 $3.00
Baritone (B,C,) 4 $3.00
Tuba 4 $3.00
Timpani 2 $3.00
Bells 2 $3.00
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