Marvin Hamlisch & Alan & Marilyn Bergman/arr. Mark Hayes Alfred Music Publishing

"If we all sing one song, one song of love, one song of peace, one song to make all our troubles cease..." This pop song from 1991 sings so beautifully for choir in this stirring, soulful arrangement, it is... view detailsview details

Instrumental Parts  $60.00Qty:
Additional Parts
Part Parts in SetPriceQty
Score 1 $8.00
Flute 1 $5.00
Oboe 1 $5.00
Bassoon 1 1 $5.00
Bass Trombone 1 $5.00
Non-Pitched Percussion 1 $5.00
Timpani 1 $5.00
Guitar 1 $5.00
Electric Bass 1 $5.00
Drumset 1 $5.00
Harp 1 $5.00
Violin I 3 $5.00
Violin II 3 $5.00
Viola 2 $5.00
Cello 2 $5.00
Double Bass 1 $5.00
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