Rob Grice Rob Grice
10759284E Beginning Band
Driving and powerful, your youngest musicians will own the stage with this intense new concert work by Rob Grice. The math-music connections have often been stated in cognitive development studies. Dont miss... view detailsview details
Band Set & Score  $46.00Qty:
Additional Parts
Part Parts in SetPriceQty
Score 18 $5.00
Flute 10 $3.00
Oboe 2 $3.00
Bassoon 2 $3.00
Clarinet 10 $3.00
Bass Clarinet 4 $3.00
Alto Saxophone 8 $3.00
Tenor Saxophone 4 $3.00
Trumpet 10 $3.00
French Horn 4 $3.00
TC Baritone 4 $3.00
Tuba 4 $3.00
Percussion 1 6 $3.00
Percussion 2 2 $3.00
Percussion 3 2 $3.00
Mallets 2 $3.00
Timpani 2 $3.00
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