Aaron D. McMichael Aaron McMichael
10948284E Very Easy
They are pesky to some, but they live a quiet and busy life. Ants can be seen almost everywhere we walk! This song is dedicated to ants who work work work! This song is written in 4/4 time signature and... view detailsview details
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Score 1 $5.00
Flute 12 $3.00
Oboe 3 $3.00
Clarinet 12 $3.00
Bass Clarinet 3 $3.00
Alto Saxophone 8 $3.00
Tenor Saxophone 3 $3.00
Bari Saxophone 3 $3.00
French Horn 8 $3.00
Trumpet 12 $3.00
Tuba 8 $3.00
Bells 3 $3.00
Xylophone 3 $3.00
Timpani 3 $3.00
Snare Drum 3 $3.00
Bass Drum 3 $3.00
Cymbals 3 $3.00
Tom-toms 3 $3.00
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