arr. Matt Conaway & Jack Holt Hal Leonard Corporation
11196120E Medium Easy

Few songs epitomize the music of the '80s like this smash hit by Nena which rapidly gained worldwide popularity when first released. An irresistible half-time funk riff is followed by an intense fast rock... view detailsview details

Marching Band  $60.00Qty:
Additional Parts
Part Parts in SetPriceQty
Conductor Score (Full Score) 1 $5.00
Flute/Piccolo 8 $2.99
Bb Clarinet 8 $2.99
Eb Alto Sax 4 $2.99
Bb Tenor Sax 2 $2.99
Eb Baritone Sax 2 $2.99
1st Bb Trumpet 4 $2.99
2nd Bb Trumpet 4 $2.99
3rd Bb Trumpet 4 $2.99
F Horn 4 $2.99
1st Trombone 4 $2.99
2nd Trombone 8 $2.99
Baritone B.C. 4 $2.99
Baritone T.C. 4 $2.99
Tuba 8 $2.99
Electric Bass 2 $2.99
Snare Drum 4 $2.99
Cymbals 2 $2.99
Quad Toms 2 $2.99
Aux Percussion 1 $2.99
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