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Alleluia Alleluia
Robinson McClellan - See-A-Dot Music Publishing

This piece is a more introspective and solemn approach to the traditional Alleluia, but maintains a strong melodic feel with soaring lines and a great mix of homophonic textures and counterpoint.... view details
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American Breakfast
American Breakfast American Breakfast
Saunder Choi - See-A-Dot Music Publishing

This piece is a biting and soulful commentary on the horrifying ordinariness of mass shootings in America. American Breakfast uses syncopated rhythms and soaring lyrical lines to subtly show, rather than tell,... view details
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Ave Verum Corpus
Ave Verum Corpus Ave Verum Corpus
John Cantrell - See-A-Dot Music Publishing

A beautiful Neo-Renaissance setting of this traditional text for double choir. The delicate and soulful lines combine to make rich harmonies, and when the two choirs finally come together at the climax of the... view details
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Besh Besh Besh M Sh'mo
Besh Besh Besh M Sh'mo Besh Besh Besh M Sh'mo
Martha Sullivan - See-A-Dot Music Publishing

Based on Bulgarian vocal music, this tune features jazz harmonies, syncopated rhythms, and mixed meter. It's fun to sing and a great closer to a show. It can be tricky, but a good collegiate chorus or very... view details
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Bohemian Highway
Bohemian Highway Bohemian Highway
Jon Olmstead - See-A-Dot Music Publishing

A fun and energetic piece with a rhythmic melody that gets bounced back and forth between the different sections of the choir. An absolute crowd pleasure that works particularly well as an encore number. Great... view details
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Break Break
Joseph N. Rubinstein - See-A-Dot Music Publishing

A dark and ominous setting of a poem by Tennyson. The music has an undulating feel that reflects the nautical imagery of the text and harmonic tension which conveys a sense of mourning.... view details
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Ceremonial Burning
Ceremonial Burning Ceremonial Burning
Nilo Alcala - See-A-Dot Music Publishing

This evocative and ritualistic piece is inspired by Wendell Berry's poem Autumn Burning. The droning harmonies and eerie melodic lines transport both singers and audience to a completely different frame of... view details
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A Clear Midnight
A Clear Midnight A Clear Midnight
Trevor Shaw - See-A-Dot Music Publishing

Harmonically driven, crunchy, and a joy to sing and hear. This piece is all about a series of chords contrasted with sweet moments of unison that make you feel you're sitting in a bathtub of harmony. Equally... view details
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Demon Demon
Matthew Brown - See-A-Dot Music Publishing

Graphic scores are uncommon in the choral world, and this piece is a great way to introduce them to your choir. Instead of traditional notes, Demon uses symbols and instructions to evoke a completely new world... view details
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Domine Jesu Christe
Domine Jesu Christe Domine Jesu Christe
Toby Twining - See-A-Dot Music Publishing

This solemn piece melds Twining's signature eclecticism with liturgical text. This piece is for any treble ensemble or choir who love a challenge: pitches in just intonation (JI) and flowing, complex rhythms... view details
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Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan Genghis Khan
Bobby Halvorson - See-A-Dot Music Publishing

An eclectic mix of spoken word/chant and fun rhythmic harmonies, this nonsense piece can be updated for both mixed choir or coro profundo.... view details
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Golden Callings
Golden Callings Golden Callings
Carson Cooman - See-A-Dot Music Publishing

From its opening chant like section to energetic ending, Golden Callings is an evocative setting of a beautiful text. The whole piece feels like a narrative told from a masterful storyteller. Great for a... view details
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Hee-oo-hm-ha Hee-oo-hm-ha
Toby Twining - See-A-Dot Music Publishing

Like much of Toby's music, this piece is uncategorizable and sits somewhere between rock, folk, and choral music. It's undeniably fun and an audience favorite just about every time. The yodeling counter-tenor... view details
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How She Went to Ireland
How She Went to Ireland How She Went to Ireland
Joseph N. Rubinstein - See-A-Dot Music Publishing

This piece contains a harmonic language that is both lyrical and overwhelming in its expansiveness. It moves like a glacial Irish jig, oceanic in how it envelopes the audience, while maintaining an internal... view details
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Hymn Hymn
Toby Twining - See-A-Dot Music Publishing

A grooving and gentle rock ballad with a melody that sticks with you and some fun vocal techniques. Great for medium sized ensembles or collegiate a capella groups and ambitious sextets.... view details
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Hymn to Aethon
Hymn to Aethon Hymn to Aethon
Fahad Siadat - See-A-Dot Music Publishing

Cinematic and epic, this wordless piece has an almost heavy metal vibe to it. The piece is an exploration of timbres for the voice that combines minimalist elements with droning harmonies and syncopated... view details
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