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Auld Lang Syne Auld Lang Syne
Traditional / Jeffrey Biegel - Naturally Sharp Inc.

SATB non divisi/piano... view details
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Liver Liver (That Awful Tango)
Samuel Lancaster - S B Lancaster Music, LLC

A humorous look at having to eat disgusting food from a child's point of view presented in a tango style.... view details
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Sunrise Carol Sunrise Carol
Daniel Elder - Daniel Elder

"Sunrise Carol" sets an original poem styled after the romantic medieval ballades of Machaut and his contemporary composer-poets. Set as a carol, strophic in form, the music harkens to a simpler era of... view details
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Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
American Spiritual / Almon C. Bock II - Almon Bock II

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Going to That City Going to That City
Collected by Jean Ritchie / David Bridges - DMB Music

A rousing shape-note tune set for SATB with 3 verses about going to that city (heaven) where there is no war and all are welcome. The harmonies are both pentatonic and triadic following the tradition of folk... view details
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Nocturne Nocturne
Alvin Trotman - Solemn Flight Music

A vivid depiction of the night's beauty, "Nocturne" soars into the night sky with lyrical vocal lines to set a calming atmosphere. Written with very little divisi, it is a more accessible work for choirs.... view details
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Cielito Lindo Cielito Lindo
Traditional / Stephen DeCesare - Exsultet Music

This popular Mexican song has been adapted to be accessible for an SATB choir of any skill level. The harmonies build on top of another to make a grand sound that any choir will enjoy singing and the pianist... view details
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The Holy City The Holy City
Stephen Adams / Stephen DeCesare - Exsultet Music

The traditional Easter hymn now made accessible for church choir.  This majestic hymn is now scored for Solo, Kids Choir, SATB, Bb-Trumpet and Piano.

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A Clear Midnight A Clear Midnight
Rich Campbell - Pay The Band Music

A setting of the brief yet powerful poem by Walt Whitman (from "Leaves of Grass"). The score takes its cue from the meditative nature of the text. There is a contemplative tone throughout, laced with subtle... view details
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Dust and Ashes Dust and Ashes
Stephen DeCesare - Exsultet Music

Tender song for Ash Wednesday with a heartfelt text by James Montgomery. Scored for SATB and Piano.... view details
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Sussex Carol Sussex Carol
English traditional / arr. Daniel Powers - Imperfect Consonance

Arranged for three-part treble chorus and piano. This can also be performed by unison treble chorus. Orchestral accompaniment available.... view details
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Sweet Little Jesus Boy Sweet Little Jesus Boy
African-American Spiritual / Horace Scruggs, III - Horace Scruggs

This traditional Christmas spiritual gets heavy gospel treatment in this new and exciting arrangement. The rich harmonies and tripulet feel will allow your choir to have a memorable performance. Vocal solos... view details
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The Morning Trumpet for SATB chorus The Morning Trumpet for SATB chorus
Benjamin Franklin White / Meredith M. Brammeier - Mixed Meter Music

This energetic arrangement of a popular Sacred Harp tune divides into eight parts at the end for a rousing finish.... view details
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SINGularity SINGularity
Timothy Michael Powell - Spivey Music Press

"SINGularity" (in B-flat) uses overtone singing over an opening B-flat drone to symbolically represent the sound of the Perseus black hole, discovered to be singing a B-flat by the NASA Chandra X-Ray... view details
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Curve of Gold Curve of Gold
Donald M. Skirvin - Donald Skirvin

Scored for Soprano, SATB (some divisi), and piano, "Curve of Gold" is a meditation on love's journey as we seek, find, and sometimes lose our way. The musical language is modern but tonal with rich chordal... view details
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Little Bunny Foo Foo Little Bunny Foo Foo
Stephen DeCesare - Exsultet Music

Charming and fun song for a children's chorus that can be sung concert style or pantomimed. Score for Solo Children's Chorus and Piano.... view details
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Emmanuel Emmanuel
Ken Van Cura - Ken Van Cura

An exciting edition to your Advent repertoire, this thrilling new worship song/carol "Emmanuel - The King is Coming" contains meaningful new text that speaks to the coming of the Savior while embracing the... view details
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Away in A Manger Away in A Manger
Ken Van Cura - Ken Van Cura

This heartwarming setting of the classic Christmas carol includes a sincere chorus that compels the worshipper to bring every burden of life and lay it before the Holy Christ Child.... view details
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Counting Music Counting Music
Chris Lawry - T & C Solutions

A fun little concert item for SATB choir, showing off the choir in a new and exciting way. The text consists of the numbers 'one' 'two' 'three' 'four' and was inspired by countless hours of having to count... view details
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We Shall Overcome We Shall Overcome
American Folk Song / Horace Scruggs, III - Horace Scruggs

This civil rights anthem is given fresh treatment while keeping alive the call for unity in the face of social trials. Your choir will appreciate this timeless classic while enjoying the funky gospel groove. ... view details
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Deep River Deep River
Traditional / John Newell - Abierto Music

A moving arrangement of this great African-American spiritual. Very accessible for amateur choirs, but rich in harmonies and voice movements that more advanced choirs will quickly appreciate. Brief passages of... view details
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O Magnum Mysterium O Magnum Mysterium
Timothy Michael Powell - Spivey Music Press

O Magnum Mysterium is part of a larger work called Incarnatio Mysteria, or Mysterious Incarnation, which received its world premiere at Avery Fischer Hall at Lincoln Center on June 19, 2011. The piece uses... view details
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Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow
Spiritual / Michael Engelhardt - Michael Engelhardt

A contemporary gospel-style slam dunk for your men's choir! You'll need some high falsettos, a bass that can riff, and a vocal percussionist would be a killer touch. Commissioned in 1999 by Dr. Brad Holmes of... view details
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Bogoroditse Devo (Ave Maria) Bogoroditse Devo (Ave Maria)
Sergei Rachmaninov / Lucyanne Gordon - Ayotte Custom Musical Engravings, LLC (ASCAP)

The sixth movement of Rachmaninov's Verpers, op. 37, is a setting of the traditional prayer addressed to Mary (Ave Maria / Hail Mary). Lucyanne Gordon's transcription for divisi women's chorus will make an... view details
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