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Multicultural Choral Music (8)
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Inscription of Hope Inscription of Hope
Z. Randall Stroope - Heritage Music Press

A profoundly moving text, written on a cellar wall during the rise of Nazi Germany, joins with original music to create a deeply emotional expression of hope for all mankind.  With brief narration and the echo... view details
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Tres Canciones de Los Elementos Tres Canciones de Los Elementos (Three Songs About the Elements)
Victor C. Johnson - Heritage Music Press

Wind, rain and fire are colorfully portrayed in this marvelous set of contrasting short pieces. Each is artfully crafted and infused with vivid imagery! A Spanish pronunciation guide is included, as well as... view details
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In This Ancient House In This Ancient House (Momoshiki Ya)
Ruth Morris Gray - Heritage Music Press

With its haunting melody and open fourth and fifth harmonies, this gentle setting of a traditional Japanese poem captures the mystery of ancient Japan. The Japanese text alternating with the English... view details
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Ahrirang Ahrirang
arr. Brad Printz - Heritage Music Press

This extraordinary arrangement highlights the striking difference between traditional Korean music and Western musical style, presenting the song in both ways. The text speaks of Ahrirang Hill outside of... view details
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Chantez Alleluia! Chantez Alleluia!
Dave & Jean Perry - Heritage Music Press

This lively original, with its infectious melody and interactive harmony, weaves two very basic French phrases with "alleluia" to create a delightful offering.  Joyful, fun, and extremely accessible,

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Sarasponda Sarasponda
arr. Dave & Jean Perry - Heritage Music Press

Creative possibilities abound with this lively, frolicking arrangement of a Dutch folk tune!  Featuring clever interplay between parts, a rhythmic, spoken middle section, and lots of dynamic contrasts, it has... view details
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Water Come a Me Eye Water Come a Me Eye
arr. Victor C. Johnson - Heritage Music Press

You'll transport your audience to sunny Jamaica when you perform this bright, fun setting of the traditional calypso song. The well-placed modulations and cool percussion parts for claves, maracas, cabasa, and... view details
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