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Spiritual Arrangements for Worship (32)
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Keep Your Lamps!
arr. Andre Thomas
Shut De Do
Randy Stonehill/arr. Greg Gilpin
I'll Fly Away
arr. Craig Courtney
I'm Gonna Let it Shine!
George R. Root/arr. Tim Rumsey
Yonder Come Day
arr. Paul John Rudoi
If I Got My Ticket
arr. Roy Belfield
Order My Steps
(In Your Word)
Glenn Burleigh/arr. Jack Schrader
Carry Me Home
arr. Susan Thrift
Now Let Me Fly
arr. Victor C. Johnson
I'm a Sinner Man
John Parker & Vicki Tucker Courtney
Lord, Lord
Thomas More Scott
Jack Halloran/arr. Dick Bolks
Fill-a Me Up
Pepper Choplin
Soon and Very Soon
Andrae Crouch/arr. Jack Schrader
Nothin' Gonna Stumble My Feet
Greg Gilpin & John Parker
Steal Away
arr. Howard Helvey
arr. Peter Bagley
Poor Man Lazrus
Jester Hairston
Soon Ah Will Be Done
arr. William Dawson
Ain'-a That Good News
arr. William Dawson