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Editors' Choice

Explore The Best New Music, All In One Place.

We review over 21,000 new titles every year and hand-select the very best. We check ranges, difficulty, playability and more and put it all at your fingertips. See the entire score and listen to full-length recordings. Access anytime, from any device. Save your notes and begin where you left off. Editors' Choice gives you the best new music, all in one place, wherever you are.

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"I absolutely LOVE the Editor's Choice option where I am able to view and listen to the entire piece before I order it! It made choosing music for my holiday concert so much more fun, and a lot easier!"
Choral Director
Grasonville, MD

"Editors' Choice is fantastic. I can hear the music and see the score, and not just a part of it. This is very important to understand how difficult it is."
Music teacher and choir director
Ticino, Switzerland