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Texas University Interscholastic League Prescribed Music List - UIL PML - Inst Solo & Ensemble

Alto Clarinet Solo Class 1
Alto Clarinet Solo Class 2
Alto Clarinet Solo Class 3
Alto Saxophone Solo Class 1
Alto Saxophone Solo Class 2
Alto Saxophone Solo Class 3
B-Flat Clarinet Quartet Class 1
B-Flat Clarinet Quartet Class 2
B-Flat Clarinet Quartet Class 3
B-Flat Clarinet Solo Class 1
B-Flat Clarinet Solo Class 2
B-Flat Clarinet Solo Class 3
B-Flat Clarinet Trio Class 1
B-Flat Clarinet Trio Class 2
B-Flat Clarinet Trio Class 3
Baritone Saxophone Solo Class 1
Baritone Saxophone Solo Class 2
Baritone Saxophone Solo Class 3
Bass Clarinet Solo Class 1
Bass Clarinet Solo Class 2
Bass Clarinet Solo Class 3
Bass Trombone Solo Class 1
Bass Trombone Solo Class 2
Bassoon Solo Class 1
Bassoon Solo Class 2
Bassoon Solo Class 3
Brass Quartet Class 1
Brass Quartet Class 2
Brass Quartet Class 3
Brass Quintet Class 1
Brass Quintet Class 2
Brass Quintet Class 3
Brass Sextet Class 1
Brass Sextet Class 2
Brass Sextet Class 3
Cello Solo Class 1
Cello Solo Class 2
Cello Solo Class 3
Clarinet Choir Class 1
Clarinet Choir Class 2
Clarinet Choir Class 3
Contra Bass Clarinet Solo Class 1
Contra Bass Clarinet Solo Class 2
Contra Bass Clarinet Solo Class 3
E-Flat Clarinet Solo Class 1
E-Flat Clarinet Solo Class 2
E-Flat Clarinet Solo Class 3
English Horn Solo Class 1
English Horn Solo Class 2
English Horn Solo Class 3
Euphonium/Baritone Horn Quartet Class 1
Euphonium/Baritone Horn Quartet Class 2
Euphonium/Baritone Horn Quartet Class 3
Euphonium/Baritone Horn Solo Class 1
Euphonium/Baritone Horn Solo Class 2
Euphonium/Baritone Horn Solo Class 3
Euphonium/Baritone Horn Trio Class 1
Euphonium/Baritone Horn Trio Class 2
Euphonium/Baritone Horn Trio Class 3
Flute Choir Class 1
Flute Choir Class 2
Flute Choir Class 3
Flute Quartet Class 1
Flute Quartet Class 2
Flute Quartet Class 3
Flute Solo Class 1
Flute Solo Class 2
Flute Solo Class 3
Flute Trio Class 1
Flute Trio Class 2
Flute Trio Class 3
Flute/Clarinet/Bassoon Trio Class 1
Flute/Clarinet/Bassoon Trio Class 2
Flute/Clarinet/Bassoon Trio Class 3
Flute/Oboe/Clarinet Trio Class 1
Flute/Oboe/Clarinet Trio Class 2
Flute/Oboe/Clarinet Trio Class 3
French Horn Quartet Class 1
French Horn Quartet Class 2
French Horn Quartet Class 3
French Horn Solo Class 1
French Horn Solo Class 2
French Horn Solo Class 3
Guitar Quartet Class 1
Guitar Quartet Class 2
Guitar Quartet Class 3
Guitar Solo Class 1
Guitar Solo Class 2
Guitar Solo Class 3
Guitar Trio Class 1
Guitar Trio Class 2
Guitar Trio Class 3
Keyboard Percussion Solo Class 1
Keyboard Percussion Solo Class 2
Keyboard Percussion Solo Class 3
Miscellaneous Brass Trio Class 1
Miscellaneous Brass Trio Class 2
Miscellaneous Brass Trio Class 3
Miscellaneous String Trio Class 1
Miscellaneous String Trio Class 2
Miscellaneous String Trio Class 3
Miscellaneous Woodwind Ensemble Class 1
Miscellaneous Woodwind Ensemble Class 2
Miscellaneous Woodwind Ensemble Class 3
Mixed Clarinet Quartet Class 1
Mixed Clarinet Quartet Class 2
Mixed Clarinet Quartet Class 3
Multiple Percussion Solo Class 1
Multiple Percussion Solo Class 2
Multiple Percussion Solo Class 3
Oboe Solo Class 1
Oboe Solo Class 2
Oboe Solo Class 3
Oboe/Clarinet/Bassoon Trio Class 1
Oboe/Clarinet/Bassoon Trio Class 2
Oboe/Clarinet/Bassoon Trio Class 3
Percussion Ensemble Class 1
Percussion Ensemble Class 2
Percussion Ensemble Class 3
Piano Solo Class 1
Piano Solo Class 2
Piano Solo Class 3
Piano Trio Class 1
Piano Trio Class 2
Piano Trios Class 3
Piccolo Solo Class 1
Piccolo Solo Class 2
Piccolo Solo Class 3
Saxophone Quartet Class 1
Saxophone Quartet Class 2
Saxophone Quartet Class 3
Six or More Brass Class 1
Six or More Brass Class 2
Six or More Brass Class 3
Snare Drum Solo Class 1
Snare Drum Solo Class 2
Snare Drum Solo Class 3
Soprano Saxophone Solo Class 1
Soprano Saxophone Solo Class 2
Soprano Saxophone Solo Class 3
String Bass Solo Class 1
String Bass Solo Class 2
String Bass Solo Class 3
String Quartet Class 1
String Quartet Class 2
String Quartet Class 3
String Trio Class 1
String Trio Class 2
String Trio Class 3
Tenor Saxophone Solo Class 1
Tenor Saxophone Solo Class 2
Tenor Saxophone Solo Class 3
Tenor Trombone Solo Class 1
Tenor Trombone Solo Class 2
Tenor Trombone Solo Class 3
Timpani Solo Class 1
Timpani Solo Class 2
Timpani Solo Class 3
Trombone Quartet Class 1
Trombone Quartet Class 2
Trombone Quartet Class 3
Trombone Trio Class 1
Trombone Trio Class 2
Trombone Trio Class 3
Trumpet Quartet Class 1
Trumpet Quartet Class 2
Trumpet Quartet Class 3
Trumpet Solo Class 1
Trumpet Solo Class 2
Trumpet Solo Class 3
Trumpet Trio Class 1
Trumpet Trio Class 2
Trumpet Trio Class 3
Tuba Solo Class 1
Tuba Solo Class 2
Tuba Solo Class 3
Tuba/Euphonium Quartet Class 1
Tuba/Euphonium Quartet Class 2
Tuba/Euphonium Quartet Class 3
Viola Solo Class 1
Viola Solo Class 2
Viola Solo Class 3
Violin Quartet Class 1
Violin Quartet Class 2
Violin Quartet Class 3
Violin Solo Class 1
Violin Solo Class 2
Violin Solo Class 3
Violin Trio Class 1
Violin Trio Class 2
Violin Trio Class 3
Woodwind Quartet Class 1
Woodwind Quartet Class 2
Woodwind Quartet Class 3
Woodwind Quintet Class 1
Woodwind Quintet Class 2
Woodwind Quintet Class 3

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