Chord Progression Composition Lessons

Elizabeth Caldwell - Organized Chaos

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Chord Progression Composition Lessons

Elizabeth Caldwell - Organized Chaos
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This is a perfect project for upper-elementary and middle school students to demonstrate their understanding of chords, help them practice composing and notating, and work towards the final performance. This project takes students through the process of writing a composition by creating a chord progression, notating it, composing a melody to fit the chords, assigning parts, practicing it, determining and rehearsing a message to communicate through the composition, and performing the piece. The project can be adapted to incorporate ukuleles, keyboard instruments, Boomwhackers, xylophones, or even free online software to fit your classroom needs.


The worksheets and rubric are in Word document form so that you can edit everything to fit the needs of your specific students, setting, and curricular goals. The slides are in PowerPoint so you can edit them to fit your needs as well.


Included in this download:

• Two-page editable composition worksheet
• Editable worksheet for practicing chords on keyboard instrument
• Editable worksheet for practicing chords on ukulele
• Rubric for assessing the composition and performance process
• PowerPoint slides to use as visuals for teaching chord structure and function
• Teaching tips, including skill preparation, extension and modification suggestions, links, and aspects and options to consider before teaching

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